Misc. Projects

Delta Grit System Improvements – Delta, CO

The project will include demolition of existing grit compressor, grit aeration system piping and valves, and grit discharge chute, installation of new system.

 Sunnyside Ranch HOA Water System Improvement Project – Telluride, CO

This project involves the install the new water treatment system for the Sunnyside Ranch at Telluride West Homeowner’s Association. Installation of the skid mounted low pressure membrane filtration system, backwashable strainer prefiltration system, chemical transfer system, compressed air system, instrumentation and controls system, ancillary valves, fittings, and monitoring equipment such as turbidimeters, flow sensors, pressure gauges, and chlorine analyzer. Installation of process piping and appurtenances, all electrical wiring, and programmable logic controllers.

CDOT Basalt Storm Water – Basalt, CO

Construction of a storm water management infiltration basin, and drain pan and asphalt installation at CDOT’s Basalt
maintenance facility.

Crystal Wellhouse – Carbondale, CO

The project consists of installation of baffling curtains in the existing clearwell, installation of two cartridge filter vessels and appurtenances to the treatment process, modifications to existing piping to accommodate new cartridge filters and appurtenances, installation of new distributions pumps, installation of variable frequency drives to operate the new distribution pumps, upgrades/modifications to existing control and electrical systems to accommodate new equipment and pumps, and building modifications to accommodate new equipment and piping.

Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase 3, Process and Mechanical Equipment Demolition and Installation Project – Rangely, CO

This project consists of the demolition of existing process and mechanical equipment, and installation of new equipment.





Crested Butte Clarifier Improvements – Crested Butte, CO

This project consisted of rebuilding the existing clarifier head, replacing the clarifier squeegees, sandblasting and painting of all the metal surfaces of the existing clarifier mechanism including the inlet pipe.

Redstone South Bridge Repair – Redstone, CO

This project consisted of rock anchors, shotcrete and structural concrete to stabilize the east abutment and prevent additional undercutting.